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An innovative international industrial chain with intelligent bathroom as the core and integrating research and development, manufacturing, marketing and service

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Home is the place where dreams begin

Make the living space more healthy and comfortable

If home is the place where dreams start, then bathroom enterprises are the place where dreams are made. People start from here every day to relax and find inspiration. We not only pay attention to bathroom design and decoration, but also provide customers with bathroom and home decoration aesthetic services, so that dreams start from here


Brand Mission


Focus on quality

Since its inception, it has consistently invested, focused on research and development, maintained the New Year with quality, and insisted on giving way to the fundamental needs of returning to life



Continuous innovation

From product development, production to user experience, we are committed to using excellent technology and core technology patents, and the world's leading production standards



Advocate environmental protection

Take leading the industry and promoting the society as its own responsibility, start from every detail, save resources and protect the environment



Maxtop G series of Screw air compressor (Rotorcomp air end,ODM service available)

Features and Advantage :

1. Fully seal & double screw,dual shockproof, smooth operation, can be installed anywhere.

2.With a exquisite shape and compact structure and cover a small area.

3.With an exquisite shape and compact structure and covers a small area.

4. Large displacement, stable exhaust pressure, and high efficiency. 

5. The intelligent control system completely satisfies the continuous cooperation without man work.

6. Multiple screw air compressors operate together and start or shut down automatically according to the air amount and no man-work is needed.

7. It is more energy-saving for a single compressor which can adjust air demand automatically according to the users' air amount. (Frequency conversion type)

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No.7-26 Jiaosong Rd,Longchi Industrial Park, Jiaomei Town, Taiwanese Investment Zone, Zhangzhou , Fujian 

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Office hours: 8:30am- 18:00pm 

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No.7-26 Jiaosong Rd,Longchi Industrial Park, Jiaomei Town, Taiwanese Investment Zone, Zhangzhou , Fujian 

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